Description  of this Hybrid car drive system training platform

    The equipment is based on the Toyota Prius 1.5L hybrid electric engine. The engine can be operated in the starting, accelerating, decelerating and other working conditions to truly demonstrate the composition and working process of the hybrid electric engine. It is suitable for the teaching needs of medium and high vocational technical colleges, general education colleges and training institutions for hybrid electric vehicles and maintenance training.

Main configuration

    Engine assembly, transmission assembly, power battery, frequency converter, original car engine computer, transmission computer, hybrid computer, combination meter, engine starting operation, all related original car accessories, fault setting and elimination system, original car circuit schematic And detection terminals, large capacity battery, stainless steel fuel tank, engine acceleration mechanism, console, movable gantry, gantry power main switch, diagnostic seat, cooling system, digital display, fuel pressure gauge, vacuum gauge, with lock Universal casters, etc.


Parameter  of this Hybrid car drive system training platform



  • The measuring panel of the training platform is painted with a color inkjet circuit diagram. It is made of high-strength acrylic sheet with 8mm thickness. It has large temperature difference resistance, wear resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, deformation resistance, long service life and bright colors. Not easy to fade and other characteristics.
  • The operation panel of the training platform is equipped with automobile instrument, fuel pressure gauge and vacuum pressure gauge, which can display the parameters such as engine speed, fuel pressure and intake manifold pressure in real time. It is equipped with a diagnostic seat, which can be connected to a dedicated or general-purpose vehicle decoder to perform self-diagnosis functions such as reading fault codes, clearing fault codes, and reading data streams for the engine, transmission, and hybrid electronic control system. Equipped with a throttle control device to facilitate acceleration and deceleration of the engine.
  • The test terminal is equipped with a detection terminal, which can directly detect the electrical signals of each sensor, actuator and control unit pin, such as resistance, voltage, current, frequency signal, etc. on the panel.
  • The training platform is welded seamlessly with steel frame structure. The metal surface is treated by high temperature spray treatment. The paint surface is firm, with bright color, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life. The frame has self-locking caster device. Flexible, safe, reliable and durable.

【Technical Parameters】

  1. Dimensions: 1500 × 1200 × 1800mm (length × width × height)
  2. Working power supply: DC 12V
  3. Fuel number: 92#
  4. Fuel tank capacity: 10L
  5. Product model: ZC-QCG002


Image  of this Hybrid car drive system training platform





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