Description  of this Engine attachment and disassembly


The equipment is suitable for the training and assessment of practical skills of automotive professional trainees of various colleges and universities. The engine can be trained in the structure and control system. The engine can be disassembled and assembled for training. The trainer can perform the disassembly and repair of the engine on the disassembly and assembly. The engine can be flipped and static at any angle in the disassembly.


Parameter  of this Engine attachment and disassembly



  • The engine turning frame adopts high-intensity worm gear mechanism, which can rotate the clamping member in any direction and can be self-locking at any angle, which is convenient for students to observe from multiple angles.
  • The bottom of the engine flip frame is equipped with an oil pan to facilitate the storage and release of small parts during disassembly and assembly.
  • The disassembly and assembly flip frame is welded with high-strength steel structure, the surface is treated by spraying process, and the bottom is equipped with self-locking caster device.
  • The flip frame is rotated by handwheel, and the rotation is flexible and light.
  • The whole gantry is welded by rigid structure, adopting new environmental protection plastic spray treatment. The gantry is equipped with iron core polyurethane high-strength universal casters, with locking function, movable type and convenient teaching.


【Technical Parameters】

  • Dimensions: 1000 × 800 × 1000mm (length × width × height);
  • Carrying weight:0 ~ 250kg;
  • Product model: ZC-QCF002


Image  of this Engine attachment and disassembly







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